This store is awesome! I popped my head in yesterday after dropping off some stuff at Clotheshorse. Two extremely friendly and helpful shop owners came out to help me and after I zeroed in on a certain dining chair, they pulled out two others that had similar characteristics. They were priced fairly and affordably. I’m still thinking about them today and will definitely stop by tonight during 1st Friday when perhaps after a few glasses of wine, I can convince my husband that we need them in spite of just buying 4 other dining chairs this week… You could sense the knowledge of the shop owners as well as their taste – they had recovered the seats on two of the chairs I wanted in a limey chartreuse green crushed velvet which not only looked cool (and I am not typically a velvet fan at all), it totally fit the style of the chairs. At prices around $50 or less for each chair, I would’ve expected to be doing some recovering myself. Plus they were stylish, solidly constructed and in really super shape. A great shop!

Kate G.
Denver, CO

Fun place to visit,..fantastic collection of funky, retro items and fun art. Neighborly place, fair business practices, negotiable on prices. I forgot owners name, but he is down to earth in his business ethics. Check this place out!

Joe F.
route 66

Anyway, Mid-Mod has some unqiue stuff for the collector . The owner is super nice and and knows his 50’s, 60s and 70’s furniture (I actually recognized some stuff straight from the 70’s – talk about a blast from the past.) Business is good as there were some pieces with “sold” signs. I didn’t really look at the price tags, I admit.

They do have some nice original art on the walls and some cool nostalgia shadow box art. So five stars for a nice addition to the neighborhood – a good thing here.


Cute little place in “up and coming” (had that term shoved down my throat since the day we got here) Highlands area. Friendly staff and decent prices on some items – other items were way out of my price range. They are willing to negotiate on some items – you’ll find mid-century mod furniture here (yay!), local art and more. Even better, they’ll take your information and contact you if you tell them what your little heart desires most and they happen to find it.

Ashley A.
Denver, Colorado

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  1. Deborah says:

    This store is fantastic. I have visited other vintage stores since I moved to Colorado and Mid Mod had the best collection of all. The condition of the merchandise was excellent. I purchased two chairs that I could not resist. The color does not totally match my decor so that just means I have to visit Mid Mod and redecorate the rest of the room to go with my beautiful chairs.
    Thank you Mid Mod Mall.
    Brighton, Co

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